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5 Promising reasons to integrate augmented reality into your business today

Nowadays, along with the emergence of innovative ideas, the scepticism that people have about these ideas is also growing. Nowadays Augmented Reality can be seen as an innovative idea that is showing many benefits to businesses operating in different fields around the world. As is often the case, people tend to view this technology with a critical eye until its effectiveness is proven in real results. But many of you may be wondering what augmented reality is and how it is possible for this technology to take such rapid development in recent years. For many of you who may not have heard of this term before, Augmented Reality refers to any technology that ‘augments’ the user’s visual perception of their environment. It is a technology that blends the user’s view of the real world with digital information on top of it, to provide the user with an enhanced version of reality.

But what distinguishes this technology from others to make it significant for its adaptation in business? Let’s take a look below to better understand five of the major reasons why businesses need to integrate augmented reality.

  1. The catalyst for boosting business revenues

Augmented Reality allows your experts to interact with the virtual layers of your field workers’ view to discover more information, learn about the issue and see options on how to solve it fast and efficiently. For businesses, this remote collaboration between experts and technicians provides faster and more effective process completion time, which translates to return on investment growth.

2. The catalyst for boosting the identification of issue causes

There are many unexpected issues that can be faced by businesses during different processes. The problem lies in how a quick and efficient solution to these issues can be found. Augmented Reality is the most efficient solution to analyze an issue and identify the causes in a short time. Through Augmented Reality a centre expert has access to see the entire environment where the field worker is located, this enables him to inspect a machine, finding the cause and reaching the solution of the problem.

3. The catalyst for boosting employee training

Augmented Reality makes possible employee field training located all around the world. Through Augmented Reality, a remote expert offers real-time training to field workers by providing them with the ability to see exactly what the expert sees.

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The employees who receive the necessary training are more able to perform in their job. The training will give the employee a greater understanding of their tasks and unexpected situations. The business benefits from this enhancement of the overall individual and team performance.

4. The catalyst for boosting team collaboration

Augmented Reality provides the working team to exchange knowledge, forecast changes, and seek for the most efficient and faster problem solutions. Through Augmented Reality, the team is able to bring its expertise to the table, experts can coach field workers, teach new skills, and elevate the team as a whole. Diversity of knowledge contributes to new approaches for achieving success and collaboration improves the way the whole team works together and solves problems.

5. The catalyst for boosting field service management

Augmented Reality helps in managing field service issues, ensuring optimal solutions for businesses and providing a successful collaboration that ensures completion of field projects on time. Augmented Reality brings information that enables centre experts to virtually walk through the environment of field workers, without ever leaving the main headquarters.

In conclusion, Augmented Reality knows no boundaries but plays an important role in the operation of businesses despite the many and quite difficult challenges. The power of AR connects experts with field workers around the world with real-time data, guidance and the power of remote intervention. The impact of this technology is an excellent example of how the operational process of businesses has been transformed and how the quality and productivity of work has increased.

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5 PROMISING REASONS TO INTEGRATE AUGMENTED REALITY INTO YOUR BUSINESS TODAY was originally published in AR/VR Journey: Augmented & Virtual Reality Magazine on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Author: Linda Malecaj

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