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Face Detection in AR for beginners

Face Detection in AR for beginners,

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What is Face detection?

Face detection is a computer vision technology, it’s basically an algorithm that focuses on the detections of frontal human faces, in most cases, it shows the location and sizes of all the faces in a frame Ex — Most of the new DSLR cameras uses face detection for autofocus.

How does it work?

There are a lot of ways to detect human faces, one of the most accurate is to use Haar-Like features algorithm (I will explain this later). First, the image is transformed to grayscale color because it is easier to detect human faces in this color scale (Black & White).

The next step is to use image segmentation (Which is a process where the image it’s processed with some color correction to helps to identify the objects in the frame and then it creates a pixel-wise mask for each object in the image. This technique gives us a far more granular understanding of the object(s) in the image.)

After that, we will use Haar-Like features algorithm, this algorithm created by Voila and Jones is used for finding the location of human faces in a frame, the human faces has some universal properties like the noise region is brighter than other regions like the eye region and the eyes region is darker than the pixels around it.

This algorithm is used for feature extraction for an object in an image, thanks to the help of line detection, edge detection we can detect eyes, mouth, nose, and other elements in the human face that appears in the image or frame, after getting the results we can create a rectangle box around the face indicating that the process was successful.

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Some uses of Face detection

Facial filters

  • It is getting more and more common to see one of these, you can find them in most social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Its function can vary depending on the filter, you can put makeup on your face, you can put accessories such as sunglasses, earrings, chains, among many other fun functions.

Face Unlock

  • Thanks to face detection and face recognition nowadays we can unlock our smart devices by just put them in front of us, the device will take a photo, then it will detect our face and with some face recognition algorithms, it will decide if we are allowed or not to unlock the device.

Image tagging in social networks

This becomes really popular thanks to Facebook “Facial recognition is used to analyze photos and videos uploaded to Facebook in which we think you might appear, such as your profile picture and photos and videos in which you have been tagged. From this, we create a template, which is a unique number that corresponds to you. If you have facial recognition enabled, we create the template and compare it to other photos, videos, and areas where the camera is used (such as live videos) to determine if you appear in that content.”

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Author: Antonio Estela

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