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Face your Greatest Fears with Everest VR

Face your Greatest Fears with Everest VR,

You’ll be on the edge of your seat, in a panic and awe-inspired all at the same time.

Photo by Pexels

Everest VR is a spectacular Oculus Quest VR video series on the journey to the top of the world.

It lets you experience the process of preparing for a climb, all the way up to being on the side of the mountain facing seemingly impossible cliffs.

You’ll feel the pain in your fingertips from gripping a steep crevasse, which is the only thing holding you from the 3,000-meter drop. You’ll also feel the fear of entrusting your life to a rope and the friend at the end of the rope who is also hanging off the side of the world’s most dangerous mountain. It’s as if the earth is saying “you shall not pass” every step of the way up.

[photo by Neha Gadhari:]

While many VR or 360 videos strap you to a stationary camera angle or on a drone gliding through panning views, Everest VR puts you in the perspective of being one of the climbers. Rather than just seeing things happen, it’s like you’re there, along for the adventure.

From the Oculus Store Page: “…follow a team of professional mountain athletes, masters in their own fields of ice climbing, steep skiing, rock climbing, and alpine climbing, as they take you through the European Alps. Witness stunning vistas, steep drops, and big falls in this action-packed mountain sports episode.”

As much as it showcases death-defying views, it’s also about the heartfelt stories of each climbers’ passion, comradery, and overcoming mental obstacles.

Video never does VR justice, but here’s the trailer:

In terms of general VR video quality, it has come a long way, and yet, still has a long way to go. It’s often grainy, if you move your head around it can make you feel offsetting or nauseous, and if there’s a section of the video that’s not in 360, it can really kill the experience and vibe.

Thankfully, when you stumble upon an experience that is epic, it really does teleport you into another world.

This is one of the best, most inspiring, and fun VR video experiences I’ve ever watched. I hope you take the time to experience it too.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch it, please share your experience with me on Twitter @chicktech.

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Check out the Quest landing page where you can also add it to your headset watch list. Everest VR is made by Jonathan Griffith Productions, a company that specializes in outdoor and adventure productions. You can read more via this behind the scene interview.

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Author: Ashley Huffman

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