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MIKE HIGHLIGHTS // XR Artist, Founder and Community Leader Paige Dansinger

MIKE HIGHLIGHTS // XR Artist, Founder and Community Leader Paige Dansinger,

Paige Dansinger is the founder of Better World Museum and Horizon Art Museum; and recognized by Facebook as one of the Top 117 Global Community Leaders (2018–2019). The museum’s mission is to use creative tech to dissolve isolation and feelings of powerlessness to create more resilient individuals, groups, and communities. With a focus on teens, women, and diverse leadership development, Better World Museum has presented at the WHO, TED, Facebook’s Global Wellness & Safety Summit, Nobel Peace Prize, Singapore, Shenzhen, Beijing, and more.

Paige is a Pre-Alpha Community Creator in the new social world-building program Facebook Horizon. Her immersive Climate Exhibit “How do Bees Make Honey” is featured on the product’s intro video. Horizon Art Museum is an ever-expanding museum created with primitive shapes. Over 30 interactive immersive gallery-worlds recreates museum works by Women Artists and more. The museum is a site for social action with an impactful +Community Amplify Voices Program; and uses game design, NPCs, and more to ignite empathetic engagement.

How did you get started in the industry?

VR Garden” started the first day I got an Oculus! I drew a flower in VR and shared a link online for anyone to contribute or remix the drawing. Someone said I opened myself up to the “worst of the internet.” but instead over 4000 people have now contributed in various ways to the VR Garden. Prior to the VR Garden, I directed “Purple Flower Survivors” an empathy experience created with self-designed iPad drawing software with 65 survivors of domestic violence. I attended OC5 where I met friends from Facebook Spaces and VR finally in real life! The following year, when Facebook Horizon was announced at OC6, I instantly believed it was created for me! I was invited to be a Pre-Alpha Facebook Community Creator in November 2019, and this year had one of my first worlds “How Do Bees Make Honey” featured on the Horizon intro video at OC7.

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What are some pivots you made during your career journey that led you to be a VR Artist?

I’m an Art Historian that started in museums as a Security Guard, Museum Educator, Registrar, and Intern Curator at Minneapolis Institute of Art (2004–12). I created a museum drawing iPad prototype and engagement program MuseumDraw, recreating works from museums and teaching people to draw on iPads in museums. I had MuseumDraw works included in the exhibit “Gutai: Splendid Playground” at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in NY and more. I founded Better World Museum in 2014, an 8000 sq’ space downtown Minneapolis with an Indoor Edible Garden, VR Center and Makerspace. In 2018–19, I participated in the inaugural Facebook Community Leadership Program and became a Pre-Horizon Community Creator. Today, MuseumDraw has transformed into Horizon Art Museum — re-creating art using primitive shapes, gizmos, block-scripting, wearables, and games!

What does your work aim to say?

I believe that social World-Building is Community-Building. Better World Museum uses creative technology to create more resilient individuals, groups, and communities. Horizon Art Museum serves as a site for Social Action. We create more inclusive and equitable space by to amplifying diverse voices, teaching world-building skills, and developing leadership roles.

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Paige Dansinger

XR Artist, Founder & Community Leader


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