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Remote Work with Augmented Reality for Service & Support

Remote Work with Augmented Reality for Service & Support


Augmented Reality (AR) technology has undergone extensive development in recent years by showing promising solutions to businesses through remote support. This AR-based Remote Support makes it possible to ensure business continuity by increasing the efficiency of operations and solving various problems that may arise. AR-based Remote Support demonstrates benefits for different industrial sectors by enabling field workers to connect with remote experts. This technology enriches remote support by enabling workers operating on the site to access the right information within seconds. The connection that is made possible in real-time with the expert makes it possible for direct cooperation to bring concrete and efficient solutions to the problems raised.

What is well known is that in service and support there are quite complex tasks that limit field workers to perform their work without interruption. Given that the complexity of the various processes is concrete, every problem that arises causes thousands of dollars losses. AR Support has been proven to increase work productivity by approximately 65%. This is due to the fact that workers are more engaged by collaborating with experts who have the right knowledge. All this increases the concentration on the performance of tasks and reduces the various distractions due to lack of knowledge (checking manuals or guides). Since every second has tremendous value in these operations, Remote Support enables the resolution of issues faster and at a lower cost. All the uniqueness lies in the fact that AR-based Remote Support is available not only on smartphones but also on smart glasses. This in other words means that site workers are able to have a hands-free task performance. At the same time not only job performance has increased but also job safety increases sufficiently eliminating various risks that sometimes might be fatal.

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We can define this Remote Support as beneficial for three different categories in service and support operations, including here the chain of managers- workers- customers. Let’s see below how each of these categories utilizes Remote Support to provide faster and more effective solutions:

If we analyze the category of managers and what they benefit from this remote we will see that their managerial skills are significantly improved. This is made possible by the fact that through this remote support managers now follow in real-time the performance of their employees. Moreover, even if they want to come back again for the review, they have documented each work session, which makes it easier to inspect and evaluate the performance of the workforce. This also reduces the need for costly and lengthy site visits.

As mentioned above, workers are another category that is facing concrete results from the adoption of distance support and its inclusion in various operational processes. This Remote Support makes the tasks of the workers easier by connecting them with the right experts with real-time video and audio. Field workers receive support and feedback in a visual way, enriched with AR annotations which makes the transmitted information clearer. In addition to helping and guiding employees successfully complete their tasks, they provide remote support and training for similar situations that may recur in the near or distant future.

Another category that is also very important for all businesses is the customer. This category which makes it possible to keep businesses alive needs fast service and not long waits that cause disappointment and dissatisfaction. Through Remote Support, headquarters’ customer service agents continue to provide excellent customer support services in a short time and at a much-improved quality level. AR-based Remote Support allows clients to receive safe and fast instructions and at the same time ensures high customer satisfaction.

What we understand by what we mentioned above is that AR Remote Support provides assistance for businesses operating in different sectors while facilitating service and support operations and leading them on the right path to the right solutions. Augmented Reality technology helps to solve even the most difficult cases that might be faced, to set goals, and to provide the right expertise for field teams who have difficulty with their tasks. Moreover, this Remote Support thorough training makes it possible to prepare the workforce for the future with the right experience and knowledge.

In short, the choice to embrace AR-based Remote Support gives you the opportunity to experience a fairly streamlined process for your businesses and benefit from quick and efficient solutions. The VSight team has already worked hard to bring the VSight Remote product to market. VSight Remote enables you to connect your offsite and on-site employees for collaborative operation, maintenance, and repair products in all types of industries. Efficiency boosting and time-saving remote support solutions are only some of the main benefits that VSight Remote provides for enterprises that seek to enhance their service and support operations.

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Author: Linda Malecaj

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